Welcome to the place where you can start to make a difference. This page is intended to help those who are looking to use their resources and funds to change the narrative of abortion in this country. Below you will find resource pages to donate to, actions on how to move forward with the ever-changing climate as well as information to help you navigate the conversation with others in your life.

Share abortion information for all folx

Why We Use Inclusive Language to Talk About Abortion | ACLU

Women aren’t the only people impacted by the fall of Roe v. Wade.

Abortion Explained: Queer & Trans Justice — WE TESTIFY

Abortion is a medical procedure that anyone who can become pregnant can have—including queer, trans, and intersex people. Despite the heteronormative narrative that abortion is specifically a “women’s health” issue, trans men, nonbinary, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, and queer people have abortions, too. When we advocate for abortion solely as “women’s rights” or a “women’s issue,” we’re erasing the experiences and identities of many queer and trans people who have abortions, and the additional barriers we face when accessing care.

The Harms of Denying a Woman a Wanted Abortion Findings from the Turnaway Study

The Turnaway Study, conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, shows that women experience harm from being denied a wanted abortion. These findings have far-reaching implications for lawmakers, judges, health agencies, and others as they consider policies that restrict abortion access.

TJA Best Practices for Trans-Inclusive Language in Abortion Coverage

People who are not women do get pregnant and do have abortions. One study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology surveyed thousands of transgender, nonbinary and gender-expansive people in the United States.‍

Support Abortion Access Front

#OperationSave Abortion

Abortion Access Front has created the ultimate activist guide. They brought together many of the most impactful leaders in the abortion movement from across the landscape of abortion access to have a series of conversations and from that created a series of videos to guide you in your journey and help you find where you can have the most impact for abortion access.


Check out their Activist Toolkit for resources from across the movement to help you immediately get to work on enacting change in your community.

Support Abortion Funds

Abortion funds are a critical part of our abortion infrastructure, especially as abortion bans and restrictions pop up across the country and Roe v. Wade is on the line. Many “safe-haven” states, like New York, are already seeing an increase in patients traveling from out-of-state to receive abortion care. Abortion funds help patients cover the costs associated with their abortion, from the cost of the procedure itself, to gas money, lost wages, etc. Many also offer practical support, such as arranging lodging or providing transportation.

Donate your time or money:

Push back against Crisis Pregnancy Centers (“fake clinics”)

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, also known as “fake clinics,” prey on vulnerable people seeking reproductive health care and use predatory tactics to prevent them from learning about or getting an abortion.

  • Use Pro-Truth.org and their interactive map tool to see which clinics in New York State are legitimate vs. fake crisis pregnancy centers and spread the word to others
  • Tell your elected officials that you support the Limited Service Pregnancy Center study bill, which would study the impact of fake clinics across our state.
  • Check out @rocsocfem on Instagram to get involved in their anti-CPC campaign.

Sign up to volunteer at your local abortion clinics

Volunteers are the first line of defense for someone who is at a clinic looking for safety and comfort during this time in their life.

On Monday January 22, 2024 RocSRJ joined Planned Parenthood, Next Generation Men of Transition and Roc NOW for the 51st Anniversary of Roe. For the entire speech, please click here.

"It is important for all who are here to understand that Roc SRJ will continue to say that abortion restrictions are rooted in anti-Blackness. Restricting reproductive autonomy is not new in this country and it is tied to the enslavement of Black and Brown bodies. Abortion restrictions continue to impact Black and Brown bodies at higher rates. We know when abortion is not legal, the burden of accessing safe abortions falls harder on Black and Brown communities and people with disabilities. Overturning Roe was always just the beginning to setting a dangerous precedent in the fight for bodily autonomy. We knew this because they told us this was the plan. Ban abortion, restrict access to birth control, strip away rights of LGBTQ+ people, ban access to life-saving medications. This was always the plan." -RocSRJ

Tenet 1: Choose to have or not have children